Sofia Wright was born in Montreal, Canada. Her earlier career as a professional ballet and jazz dancer enabled her to travel extensively throughout North America and Asia. 
A severe injury forced Wright to channel her creative drive into advertising and eventually to painting. It was this medium through which she felt the freedom to experiment and express herself. 
In 1993, she returned to Asia, and traveled throughout the region studying light, imagery and traditional artistic techniques. For the next several years, Wright focused on numerous solo exhibitions in both Hong Kong and Singapore that were considered both critical and commercial successes.
At first self-taught, Wright returned to study and in 1998 she graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. 
In 1999, she relocated with her family to New York City. It was here that she was selected out of twenty worldwide artists for the prestigious Swire Properties commission in 2000. This commission entailed painting sixteen pieces of art to hang in the new public offices of the Swire Group at Festival Walk, Hong Kong.
Today, she continues on her exploration of color and color field. She explores the dynamics of the brushstroke and palette knife, utilizing them to create large drops of paint that hover above the plane of the canvas.
Sofia Wright’s work can be seen in corporate collections around the world, while much can also be found in private collections in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, France and Australia.
Photo courtesy of Nick Wright